Donor Base
Recovery + Growth

How our crew at Anchor came alongside a long standing nonprofit to re-engage their existing donor base while cultivating a new and younger demographic.

Client: Hour of Power Canada

The Rundown: Going Adrift

Hour of Power Canada was experiencing a continual drop in donations with an aging donor base and minimal development due to capacity challenges.

The Solution: All Hands on Deck

Our Strategic Map

New Name Acquisition

  • Focused on acquiring new audience engagement to create a fresh base of potential donors
  • Split budget to trigger two smaller campaigns in order to test results at different times of the year
  • Offered a free resource in print or digital download
  • Curated digital ads for Google, Facebook and Instagram
  • Names gathered from campaign added to the cultivation list for ongoing communication

Donor Cultivation

  • Developed a strong monthly rhythm of donor cultivation through monthly letters and follow-up emails

Increase Online Audience

  • Focused on growing audience across social platforms
  • Conducted quarterly social media contests
  • Maintained regular monthly digital advertising to expand reach and increase followers

Focus Areas

01 Donor Strategy

  • Spacing out partner appeals to avoid donor fatigue
  • Ministering to supporters and donors in a sensitive way through challenging times (e.g. COVID19 & BLM)

02 Direct Mail Appeals

  • Physical mail with follow-up email and social media posts to repeat donor appeal across multiple communication channels

03 Email Marketing & Donor Cultivation

  • Increasing email subscribers, maintaining monthly communication and focusing on quality content to drive high open rates ranging from 25% – 65%

04 Social & Digital

  • Curated content on a monthly basis for Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic to the broadcast and website
  • Monthly digital advertising to ensure maximum audience reach and have seen overall engagement and response to all posts increase as a result

The Aftermath: First Rate and Ship Shape

Email Marketing, Name Acquisition & Donor Cultivation

  • Acquired thousands of new names over 2018 & 2019 for the cultivation list
  • Added hundreds of new names to the donor mailing list based on high engagement metrics
  • Added over a hundred new donors in 2019
  • Average click-through-rate for emails to the list is 5.3% compared to an industry average for nonprofits of 2.3%

Increase In Online Audience

Social Media and Digital Advertising

  • Created and carried out a defined brand and image strategy
  • Web visitors increase 618% since the rollout of digital advertising
  • 98% of users coming to website are new visitors
    Average of 900 users talking about Hour of Power Canada on Facebook each month
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New User Web Traffic

Full Steam Ahead!

Strategy, Tactics + Execution

The hard work of marketing is like managing a sailboat. One needs to be familiar with all the parts of the boat and know how they operate before they can ever set their course. Learning how to maneuver the waters and tying knots takes time.

We know that a strategy means nothing without the tactical suggestions to get you where you need to be, along with executional support to make the plan a reality. Whether you need a little or a lot of support – our crew is here for you.

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